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Rubida Communications is based in Canberra, Australia, and provides specialist publication support, including writing, editing, formatting, indexing and publishing services.

Technical writing services

Do you need someone to research and write documentation for your organisation?

The writing process

My writing services include online content, user manuals, procedures, summaries and reports. When writing for you, I can ...

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Content review services

Would you like a review or assessment of your document or website content?

Content review checklist

This is a quick service that provides you with an assessment report.

I will review your document or website content and check it for ...

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Scientific writing and editing services

Papers, reports, books, university theses

I have a scientific background in biology and specialise in general scientific and medical subjects.

Scientific writing and editing

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Publication management

Support services for writers

Editing and the publication process

I provide regular support to writers or project managers who need to deliver large documents such as reports, books or reviews. This support can be as intense as required ...

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Substantive editing

The most thorough edit is a substantive edit. This edit aims to improve not only language and style, but also the structure and content presentation.

It looks at the aims of the document, who will be reading it, and what the purpose of the document is.

A substantive edit includes ...

Editing and the publication process

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Document formatting services
Microsoft Word

Does formatting your document take valuable time away from your writing?

I can re-format your working document so all pages look the same and your document becomes automated. This means ...

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Document formatting in Microsoft Word

Epub conversion services

Why convert your book to an ebook?

Electronic publications in PDF format are very frustrating to read on smart phones and tablets.

Restricted view of a PDF on a smart phone

To avoid frustrating your readers, convert your document to an EPUB or MOBI ebook. This will make it adjust to the screen of any device.

If your document is ready for publishing, conversion can be quick. ...

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The index gives the reader quick access to important subject-related information.

Does your document need an index?

Documents that need an index include ...

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A back-of-book index

Custom templates
Microsoft Word

No more corrupted pages or styles!

Does the formatting of your document take valuable time away from your writing?

A simple template in MS Word

I can create a customised template so you never need to have formatting problems again.

Features include ...

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A copyedit is intended for documents that have had a substantive edit or for which you are certain they have good structure and content.

Copyediting includes checking ...

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Editing and the publication process


A proofread is the last check before publishing your document in print or electronic format, or online.

At this stage, your document has already been edited and is made available for proofreading in its final publication format.

This can be MS Word, but, more likely, ...

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Bibliographic database service

To produce professional documents, especially scientific documents, a good literature reference database system that works effortlessly with Microsoft Word is essential.

I use EndNote to create and maintain bibliographic databases for publications.

EndNote reference database

I can help you build, edit or maintain your database and produce the correct style output for your thesis or journal article publication.

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On-site assistance

I have worked in many offices around Canberra and am available for short-term periods to work at your office. I have basic security clearance to work at the Australian Government departments.

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Rubida ePress

An imprint of Rubida Communications, Rubida ePress publishes ebooks on the environment, the natural world and biodiversity.

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A Voyage to New South Wales - Rubida ePress

A Writer’s Toolkit


Information and resources for anyone who has to communicate in writing.

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